Gender: Female
Age: 13
Race: White or Caucasian

Virgie is a charming, inquisitive young lady, who makes friends easily. She describes herself as a ‘girly girl’ who loves her stuffed animals and using her imagination when playing with her dolls. Virgie also enjoys swimming, playing dress up and watching Disney Princess movies. She shares that she enjoys cooking with her foster parents and looks forward to baking cookies and cakes for others at holiday celebrations.

Virgie shares that her favorite color is pink and likes singing and watching cartoons in her free time. Virgie admits she is a pretty picky eater, and her favorite food is chicken nuggets and anything sweet.

Virgie shares that she likes school, and her favorite subjects are reading and science. She enjoys participating in her school music class where she is learning to play different instruments. Currently, Virgie is involved in two community theater productions where she has speaking and singing roles.

Virgie has a strong bond with her brothers and her team desires a family that will allow the siblings to maintain contact through telephone calls and occasional visits. Virgie shares that she desires a family that likes to take vacations, cook meals together, and chill at home watching movies.

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