Foster Care

Sometimes, difficult circumstances prevent a birth family from being able to provide for the needs of their children. When this happens, we step in. By ensuring a child has a warm, loving place to land, we can help them continue to grow and develop until a permanent plan can be determined.

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The CHS Foster Care Process

  • 1. Application

    Online application and payment for the background check.

  • 2. Meet with a Specialist

    First interview with a CHS Specialist.

  • 3. Complete Training

    Complete a training class known as TIPS-MAPP (Trauma Informed Partnering for Safety and Permanence: Model Approach to Partnerships in Parents) in your area.

  • 4. Paperwork

    Completion of classes and paperwork.

  • 5. Approval

    Receive approval as a licensed foster home and discuss potential placements with your CHS Specialist.

  • 6. Congratulations!

    Your child is placed and welcomed into your home.

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Becoming a Foster Parent

Children entering foster care have often experienced trauma and may be dealing with difficult emotions. As a foster parent, you’ll receive trauma-informed training that can help you navigate these situations. We’re here to guide you throughout your time as a foster family … and help you determine if fostering is right for you.

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Foster Care Support

Through our 115+ years of experience, we’ve learned what foster families need, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Our quality support, trauma-informed services and training opportunities can help support and guide you to meet the unique needs of a child in foster care.

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Our community is vital to our success. Find out how your time, talent and resources can help more children find and experience loving families.

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It takes a village to raise a child. And it takes a community to affect lasting change. Invest in the lives of children and make a difference for families everywhere.