Fatherhood Education

We offer a number of different programs designed just for Fatherhood. Here are just a few.

Fathering in 15™
24/7 Dad
Randolph Dads

Father with teen son

Fathering in 15™

Fathering in 15™ contains 15 topics. Dads can complete each topic in only 15 minutes. Each topic has a similar layout, along with text, videos, graphics, and interactive content to engage dads. Dads can complete each of the 15 topics in order, or they can skip around to the topics that matter the most to them at the time.

Fathering in 15™ draws much of its content from NFI’s research- and evidence-based resources and programs (e.g. 24/7 Dad® A.M. and P.M. versions). As a result, its foundation rests on resources proven to build pro-fathering knowledge, attitudes, and skills.

Objectives for Fathering in 15™:

  • Objective 1: Increase a dad’s awareness and knowledge about what it takes to be a good dad, and the capacity, or skills, to carry out what he learns.
  • Objective 2: Build a dad’s self-worth.
  • Objective 3: Build a good man and a good dad.

While we recommend that dads complete all of the topics in the order they appear in the online learning experience, they can skip around and complete them in any order they wish. Dads don’t have to complete the topics in order for Fathering in 15™ to have a positive impact. But you must complete all of the topics to receive a certificate. 

To participate:

  1. Please complete the Request for Access form.
  2. You will be emailed an access code to log into the website. You must complete the Pre Survey and send it to fatherhoodeducation@chsnc.org.
  3. Complete each of the 15 topics on the website.
  4. Complete Post Survey and submit those results to fatherhoodeducation@chsnc.org.
  5. Once both surveys have been received you will be emailed your completion certificate.

For questions please contact Christina Jolly, (336) 553-9711 or email fatherhoodeducation@chsnc.org


24/7 Dad

This is an evidence-based fatherhood program used by thousands of organizations across the nation to develop pro-fathering knowledge, attitudes, and skills of dads of all races, religions, and demographics. The program is built on the basis that fathers can be nurturers, and for men, nurturing is a learned skill. Throughout the program, men examine their developmental history, learn the 5 characteristics of a 24/7 Dad, and other important skills such as working with mom and proper child discipline to help them be the best dads they can be. Independent research shows that 24/7 Dad creates statistically significant changes in pro-fathering knowledge, attitudes, and skills for fathers who participate in the program compared to fathers who don’t participate in it. In fact, the program has undergone the most rigorous of evaluations–random assignment.

The program is delivered in a 4, 6 or 12 week series, and is available to any male over the age of 16. Sessions are held in Randolph County but are not restricted to this population. For more information or to sign up for the next series please contact Christina Jolly, (336) 553-9711 or cjolly@chsnc.org.


Randolph Dads

Randolph Dads is a Circle of Parents group that is open to any fathers living in Randolph County with children under the age of 12. This group meets on the 1st Saturday of each month from 10am-12pm. The group focuses on building the father-child relationship by providing educational activities for hands-on learning and exploration. Breakfast and materials are provided. For more information, or to join the group, contact Christina Jolly, (336) 553-9711 or cjolly@chsnc.org.