Parenting Under Two Roofs

For over 25 years, the Parenting Under Two Roofs program has helped thousands of divorcing or never-married parents learn to cooperate and protect their children from conflict.

The issues a child must deal with as the result of splitting his/her time between two parents living separately can be overwhelming and even traumatic for some children.  There is ample research that children do best when their separating or divorcing parents treat each other respectfully and civilly.  Parenting Under Two Roofs tackles these issues by teaching effective communication skills and helping parents realize the impact of their actions on their children.

The program helps parents understand:

  • How to keep children out of parental conflict
  • How to build a new relationship with a former spouse
  • Legal issues
  • How parenting struggles affect children
  • Age appropriate reactions to divorce
  • The role of the courts
  • Alternative legal approaches to minimize conflict
  • An overview of community resources

While many participants attend the program because of a court requirement, any parent, stepparent, or grandparent who wants advice on how to better co-parent and help to understand the situation from their child’s perspective is encouraged to attend.

Parenting Under Two Roofs is a four-hour course offered in six North Carolina counties.

To Register

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* Due to limited space in the classes, you may have to be scheduled for the next available class.