Partnering for Healthy Parents

Children’s Home Society of North Carolina (CHS) offers two separate programs for parent education within pediatric offices to support families in Guilford County. Partnering for Healthy Parenting was created as a response to recent research that shows that parents and caregivers go to their child’s healthcare provider for information about child development and behaviors. The goals of parent education include over-coming barriers and stigma parents may face when seeking out parent education, expanding the reach of parent education in a trusted setting, and family-focused interventions. Results have shown positive impact on child health and behavior (Leslie, Mehus, Hawkins, et al., 2016). Having these programs accessible to parents and families in pediatric offices helps accomplish CHS’s goal to pro-mote child well-being, reduce parental stress, and support families in our community.

Partnering for Healthy Parenting

  • Parent educators work with families with children aged four to seventeen years of age
  • Uses evidence based models for parent education including Triple P and Nurturing Parent
  • Provide parents and caregivers child development information
  • Offer age appropriate guidance
  • Can help parents and caregivers identify strategies to overcome challenging behaviors
  • Assist families connecting to local resources
  • Can meet with families during well-visits and have stand alone appointments for parent education
  • Grant funded program that is provided to parents at no-cost


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Sebrina Cooke-Davis, Parent Education Program Supervisor

336.553.9708 or