Wise Guys Training

Interest in the Wise Guys® program has spread across the country, and many communities from coast to coast have implemented the program with diverse groups of young men in a variety of settings.  Program trainings are available for educators and other professionals who would like to start the Wise Guys program in their own community.

The Wise Guys speakers and trainers will work with you to develop a training to meet the needs of your agency and community. We will also customize a presentation for your organization. If you would like to discuss scheduling a training program for your agency, contact Rick Brown, Director of Program Expansion at RBrown@chsnc.org or 336-553-9706.


Analysis of data, collected since 1991, indicates the following positive outcomes of the Wise Guys program from program entry to six-month follow up:

 Wise Guys students showed:

  • Improved knowledge of sexuality and consequences of sexual activity
  • Healthier sex role attitudes
  • Increased communication with parents and teachers about sexuality


  • Participants in the Wise Guys program showed a significant delay in sexual activity as compared to non-program students.
  • The percentage of sexually active Wise Guys students who reported always using contraception also increased significantly.