Youth Empowerment Center

The Guilford Youth Empowerment Center (GYEC) is an education and resource center that focuses its services around at-risk young people from 13 to 25 years old in Guilford County.

At GYEC youth learn independent living skills on such topics as finance, housing, education, health education, employment, teen pregnancy prevention, and substance abuse prevention. We also offer life-coaching services where the young people and our staff work together to set goals and then achieve them.

Many of our programs are tailored for those who are, or have been, in the foster care system. Life in foster care is usually marked by frequent moves and constant stress. Many are launched into adult life without the tools to succeed. GYEC seeks to right this wrong through mentoring, education, advocacy, and creating connections between the young person and community resources.

Many of the youth we serve are referred by outside agencies; however, that is not a requirement. Please feel free to call and arrange a time to come and tour our facility.