Foster Family Reacts To Opening Home To Little Ones

A North Carolina family recently provided a home for a baby who was in an emergency situation and she needed a home for a couple of months. Ginger and Scott Rhoads provided that temporary home.

They are fairly new foster parents, so they said it was quite the experience. The baby is at a more permanent foster home now and the Rhoads are fostering a one-year-old son at home along with their two biological daughters.

When asked what the couple would tell a family who might be thinking about taking the first step in fostering, Ginger said, “I would tell them, go for it. I would tell them the rewards are amazing and these children will fill your heart and hold a piece of that whether they stay with you forever or not, they will hold a piece of it and for our family, it has been one of the most amazing experiences we’ve ever had.”

The Rhoads soon learned their family could love even more than they thought.

“When you have a biological child the first time you hold it instant your heart is so full and then you think when you have another one, you can’t love them the same, but your heart just gets bigger, it’s the same with fostering your heart just gets bigger and bigger and bigger.”


Original Story Aired: WXII 12, February 11, 2021

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