Haiden’s Story

Haiden has been living with her foster parents for 2 years. Previously, she was with a DSS family for a year that she thought was her forever family.

She has severe behavioral issues that are related to trauma she experienced when she was very young. She is just now getting to the point where she can talk about her past experiences. She attends a private, therapeutic school with only 3 other classmates. She receives therapy 4 times a week and has a nanny that tutors her. They expect that in a few more years, she will be able to attend traditional school.

When her CHS worker visited her, she felt like she was seeing a completely different child from the child she met 2 years ago. She is smart, she loves her parents completely, she has adjusted to her routines and she is happy.

Her parents are 100% there for her and are looking forward to her adoption being completed very soon.

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