Heart for Giving to Children and Families

“Sometimes when you donate money, you wonder what it’s really being used for, and does it really help. We like seeing the positive impact of our support.”

A few years ago, Felicia and Barry Dyer found themselves in a new and unfamiliar phase of life – newly retired as empty-nesters and recently relocated to the coast. They wanted to give back to the community and soon found their volunteer niche with a couple of local organizations and a new church. Having recently sold their business, they also had earmarked some funds from the sale that they planned to dedicate to charitable causes, so the Dyers began some online research.

As they searched for organizations to assist, the common thread that most appealed to them was children. Barry says, “Children need help and guidance from a parent or guardian. The most support is needed there.” In addition to CHS, Felicia and Barry also support organizations focused on at-risk children and those with disabilities.

When they first discovered CHS online, they knew immediately that they wanted to contribute because of the children and families who would benefit. They could tell that CHS was a good steward of funds, putting them to great use by providing a wide array of educational programs designed to help both parents and youth move forward in a positive manner.

The Stories from My Heart videos of children waiting to be adopted particularly pulled at their heartstrings. They questioned how they might help these children who risk aging out of foster care without a permanent home, and these children compelled them to make their first gift. The Dyers see this population as particularly vulnerable, so the Child-Focused Recruitment program and SaySo are both specific areas of interest.

The Dyers don’t have a family history with foster care or adoption, yet they recognize the critical importance of CHS to children and families and hope that others appreciate this positive impact and will be moved to donate too.

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