Holly Hayes on why she invests in CHS

Recently, Holly Hayes shared why she invests in Children’s Home Society with Mary Blake, Regional Director of Philanthropy for the eastern region.

It all began nearly five years ago when I met my friend Maggie, who was also part of the bridal party for a very close friend. Maggie hosts an annual holiday social to share her adoption story and raise support for CHS’s Little Red Stocking fund. Her story of gratitude and love for her family moved me deeply. It was my first close connection to someone who was adopted and it opened my eyes to the important work of the Children’s Home Society.

Unlike the obligatory purchases made when a friend has you over to tout their latest MLM adventure, my donation was sincere and personally meaningful—with a side of the holiday warm fuzzies. Bonus! And I have since learned about CHS’s Hope for the Holidays program, where donors can give a child in care exactly what they want on Christmas morning, a gift to both the giver and receiver.

As someone who grew up in an idyllic Southern Baptist family with married parents and one brother, our family resembled those in our social circles. While not from a sheltered environment, the exposure to stories of families served by CHS was new to me and opened my eyes to the needs in our community.

As a Realtor, I am helping people find their home, which has several meanings to me. There’s the valuable asset they are proud to call their own, but the best part isn’t what people see on the outside. (Trust me, HGTV is about as real as Santa.) It’s the families living and flourishing inside their homes. I love my job, I truly do. It’s what enables me to do what’s important. When I invest the returns of my labor into CHS I’m building, supporting, and strengthening families—that means a safe and loving home for thousands of children who need it. And that far outweighs any short-term treasure.

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