“I’ve never been so happy to say ‘Mom and Dad’!”

After 10 years in foster care, and nearing her 16th birthday, Kayla was fearful of the unknowns of an adoptive family and questioned whether she even deserved a family. But through the heartfelt efforts of her Child-Focused Recruiter, Kayla began to feel worthy of having a family. Then the journey to find just the right family began.

Kayla with her family

Hannah started by engaging with Kayla’s extended family, many of whom believed she had already been adopted. Family members were eager to learn more about Kayla and support her however they could. Kayla “felt like crying” out of excitement and eagerness to meet her family who she had never known when she learned that she was going to be introduced to her cousins via Zoom. After the two-hour virtual conversation, they all said it was like they had known each other all their lives.

Daily phone calls and frequent in-person visits followed. Kayla loved the family connections and found that they even had mannerisms in common. In July, it became official with the finalization and celebration of Kayla’s adoption.

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