Judge Siler-Mack Changes Lives For Children

Judge Cheri Siler-Mack is responsible for decisions that are changing lives in Eastern North Carolina. Those decisions are in adoption cases.

Judge Cheri Siler-Mack approved the adoption of two sets of biological brothers for the Cardenas family, but her lasting link goes far beyond her courtroom.

“I know that God has everyone cross paths for a reason, and so if you cross my path and stay for a while, that means you’re a part of my family,” expressed Judge Siler-Mack.

Martin and Adrian Cardenas were Judge Siler-Mack’s first adoption when she took the bench. It was a special day for her and the Cardenas family.

“My parents flew down from New England, my sister flew down, his parents came for the ceremony,” added Wendy Cardenas.

Judge Siler-Mack has been very present in the boys’ life, even attending baseball games, school visits, and school events.

“She has traveled 90 miles out of her way to see them at award ceremonies,” says Mrs. Cardenas.

The family’s bond is so close with Judge Siler-Mack, that Wendy and Patrick Cardenas decided to name their two youngest boys after her.

“That blew me away, wow, that’s all I could say, that was one of the biggest honors in my life,” says Judge Siler-Mack.

Judge Siler-Mack believes that ‘not all children are born from the womb, the majority of her children are born from the heart.


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