October is National Bullying Prevention Month

National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month is a month-long observance to educate and raise awareness about bullying and cyberbullying prevention. Educators and teachers can help address and prevent bullying by creating a safe, supportive learning environment and a classroom culture of positivity, inclusiveness, and respect.

CHS Wise Guys Educator Rodney Absher recently sat down for an interview with WRAL.

“In today’s culture, boys feel the need to fit within the strict definitions of manhood, and some boys who do not act in lockstep with that definition tend to be the targets of bullying,” Absher said.  “Wise Guys helps boys understand healthy masculinity and empowers them to be their own men.”

Wise Guys is Children’s Home Society’s award-winning male responsibility and health education program that helps young men define what manhood means to them and supports them in making positive healthy decisions.

Absher explains that Wise Guys gives guys a chance to meet in a safe and comfortable environment and talk about things like healthy relationships, sexual decision making, and fatherhood, but only in the context of their values and goals.

“Wise Guys helps teens look at how they understand masculinity and helps them move from concepts of dominance and aggression to concepts of respect and responsibility.”

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