Pamela Haber explains why she supports CHS and the mission.

Pamela Haber, CHS donor, and Guilford Community Leadership Council Chair spoke to Caitlin Stay with CHS about her “why” for supporting CHS and our mission.

Pamela HaberHow did you hear about CHS and what made you decide to give your first gift?

Several years ago I was invited to the annual fundraiser “A Place to Call Home,” and I was amazed by the incredible supporter turnout, the moving stories of families who spoke, and the keynote speaker, Jimmy Wayne, who shared his own heart-rending adoption journey. I hadn’t been a donor to a foster or adoption organization prior to that night, but hearing about the important work CHS did inspire me to give to them right then and there, and it was the largest check I’d written without any forethought.

What’s your connection to our cause?

I feel connected to CHS’s mission because both my cousin and my best friend were adopted as infants. I know how this experience has shaped their lives and identities in incredible ways. Both were blessed to be brought home to loving and safe families in whose presence they flourished. My deepest wish for the children in CHS care is that they will have their moment too, when a match is made with a forever family, and that no child is left to “age out” of the system. It is so important for folks to know about the good that is being done by families who open their arms and homes to these kids, and for CHS to keep telling their stories. This is why I’m involved. This is why I give.

Why did you decide to support our organization?

I am grateful for the opportunity to support CHS because of the remarkable array of programming they offer foster and adoptive families, giving them tools to successfully navigate their unique family journeys. I always encourage people to educate themselves on all the work CHS does; there are so many ways to be involved and of service to this organization.


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