Supporter Spotlight: McFarland Construction

Maddy Thorn, Business Development Specialist of McFarland Construction shared her volunteering experience with Hope for the Holidays with Patricia James, Corporate Philanthropy Specialist for the western region.

How did McFarland Construction get involved with CHS?

It was actually a cold call that has turned out to become a great volunteering partnership back in Fall of 2021. CHS was seeking volunteers to help sort gifts during Hope for the Holidays. Community is one of McFarland Construction’s core values, so we are always looking for new ways to invest back into our community. Several of our team members have children of their own and the more we learned about the work that CHS does, specifically their work to support children and youth in foster care, the more we wanted to get involved.

Why do you enjoy volunteering for Hope for the Holidays?

Originally our team of volunteers just expected to go in and sort gifts. This was our first time doing a volunteering project of this nature. We were all taken back and humbled by the experience. The way CHS sets up the volunteering allows you to feel connected to each foster child. You see their needs and their wants and review if it has been fulfilled. It really helped us all understand that although this was a small part of our day and time, the impact for the kids is huge. It provided us with unexpected reflection and a meaningful connection without ever meeting a recipient or learning their name. Following our initial volunteering experience, which McFarland has done two years in a row, some of our colleagues have gone back to volunteer on their own time. We plan to support Hope for the Holidays as volunteers again in 2023.

What do you hope to accomplish through your volunteering?

Construction is more than building structures, it’s about investing in the communities where we build. It is our goal to not only build facilities that impact the community but to also give back in meaningful ways to support the communities we serve. From the top down, our entire team is committed to giving back to our community. Since we were founded and are headquartered right here in Charlotte, it’s an honor to give back to a community that has uplifted us so much in the past.

If you were talking to someone else about giving to our organization, what would you tell them?

CHS is an extremely dedicated group of individuals who selflessly work to make the lives of children in the foster care system better – especially during the holidays. It was a pleasure to be able to work alongside the Hope for the Holidays team and meet the social workers who tirelessly support families throughout our community. We really hope more companies will join us in volunteering with Hope for the Holidays.

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