Sexual Health for Youth in Care (SYNC)

SYNC, a program of CHS, uses the evidence-based curriculum, Making Proud Choices, to work with young people ages 12 – 18.

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What We Do

Children’s Home Society (CHS) is dedicated to providing top-quality, evidence-based programs and services to children and families throughout North Carolina. SYNC, a program of CHS, uses the evidence-based curriculum, Making Proud Choices, to work with young people ages 12 – 18 to:

  • reinforce self-respect & respect for others
  • clear up misinformation about sex
  • discuss healthy relationships
  • prevent unplanned pregnancies, relationship violence, & STIs
  • identify & discuss future goals & dreams

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Who We Serve

The SYNC program provides FREE sexual health education for both out-of-home teens and the professionals who work with them to answer the need of youth in foster care to access appropriate and accurate information regarding sex, love, and relationships. SYNC is offered in all 100 counties across North Carolina.

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SYNC Program Goals


Empower young people with the knowledge and skills needed to make proud and informed choices in healthy relationships.


Reduce teen pregnancy and STI rates among youth in out-of-home care.


Empower professionals to feel more confident and comfortable discussing sexual health with youth in their care.

The Need

Teen pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of school dropout, employment challenges, and long-term poverty. These risks are exacerbated for youth in out-of-home care who are at elevated risk for teen pregnancy.


50% of young men aging out of foster care at age 21 report fathering a child.


Teen girls in foster care are 2.5x more likely to get pregnant than those not in foster care.

For more information, or to schedule a youth program or professional workshop, please contact:

Ted Sikes
SYNC Program Director
Ph: 336-707-5202

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Professional Training & Support

We offer free staff development workshops on a variety of topics for adults and professionals who work with youth in out-of-home care. This includes DSS staff, LINKS staff, Guardian ad Litem staff and volunteers, foster parents, group home staff, juvenile detention staff, and other organizations.


Topics addressed can include

Refreshers on:

  • Puberty
  • STDs/STIs
  • Reproductive Anatomy

Specialized Content on:

  • Teen Rights on Health Care & Confidentiality
  • LGBTQIA+ Overview
  • Providing Trauma-Informed Sexual Health Information

Our trainers can also provide hand-tailored workshops based on requests. If you need another topic addressed, just let us know, and we can develop a workshop to meet your needs.

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