The Walls Started To Come Down

When one family’s hopes and dreams shifted from building a family to keeping a family together.

Hear about the loving relationship that developed between one foster family looking to adopt and one family fighting for reunification when they moved past the status quo and let their walls come down. Brett and Jessica Crisp decided to abandon their original plan of adoption to help a little girl placed in their care reunify with her parents. See what’s possible when this foster family decided to put their personal agenda aside and shift perspective to

What would I want to have happen if I were the birth parent?

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The Institute for Family was founded by the Children’s Home Society of North Carolina and is grounded in its mission and belief in family. The Institute is a national effort that capitalizes on the Children Home Society’s 118-year history of providing direct services for families associated with the child welfare system. 

Together, we are excited to help ignite a movement to elevate family well-being, creating opportunities for all families to thrive.



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