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Show Your Creativity

Here’s your chance to show creativity & have some fun – whether individually created, with a friend, coworker, and/or team – we want to hear from you:

  • Liven up your elevator speech
  • Sing a song or hold up a sign(s) you’ve created
  • Use your artistic talents, the sky’s the limit!

We’d like to hear from all our employees in video format to share internally. Selected videos will also be used externally to recruit new talent to join our CHS family.

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Submitting your video

Feel free to customize your own video or let us take care of that for you by sending in all your unedited takes.
When you are ready to submit, please click this link:
You can upload from your computer or directly from your phone, but you will be asked to confirm your email address prior to transferring the files.


Please email Landon Cline at lcline@chsnc.org if you have questions or issues with uploading.

Additional Guidelines

1. The BIG Idea:
Tell us what you do for CHS and what you love about your work. Think through what you want to say and how you want to present your idea before hitting record for a smoother process – please send us your outtakes as well!

2. Location:
Step away from your desk and choose a location that compliments your idea. Have fun with it! Just be sure to choose a background that is not too distracting and avoid background noise like traffic, construction, lawn mowers, etc.

3. Consider your Lighting:
We want to see your face – take advantage of natural light from windows or by getting outside but be careful to avoid harsh light like the sun from shining directly in your face; shade works well too!

4. Record in Landscape:
If you choose to use a webcam then your video will be landscape by default, but if you record with your phone be sure to turn it sideways before hitting that red button.


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Our community is vital to our success. Find out how your time, talent and resources can help more children find and experience loving families.

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