Wise Guys Certified Partner Program Details

Thank You For Taking The First Step.

Here are some additional details

Wise Guys is a proven program for young men ages 12-18. Interest in the Wise Guys® program has spread across the country, and many communities from coast to coast have implemented the program with diverse groups of young men. The Children’s Home Society professional trainers will partner with you to develop training to meet the needs of your organization and community. We will also customize a presentation for your organization.

Program Impact

Analysis of data collected since 1991 indicates the following positive outcomes of the Wise Guys program:

Wise Guys students showed:

  • Improved knowledge of sexuality and the consequences of sexual activity
  • Healthier sex role attitudes
  • Increased communication with parents and teachers about sexuality
  • Participants in the Wise Guys program showed a significant delay in sexual activity as compared to non-program students.
  • The percentage of sexually active Wise Guys students who reported always using contraception also increased significantly.

What’s Included for Platinum & Gold Certified Partners:

Initial Year:

  • 2.5 day on-site training for up to 25 people.
    • Includes half-day of supervisor training, concluding with a session for local stakeholders.
  • Up to 25 Wise Guys Kits consisting of an educator manual, assessment tools, outcome evaluation instruments, program implementation instruments, and program output data tools.
  • Organizational Certified Partner Certificate and Educator Certificate, upon successful completion of Year 1 activities.
  • Six tailored coaching calls for up to 25 staff per call.
  • Quarterly online workshops tailored to the current needs of Certified Partners.
  • Mid-year assessment and year-end review.
  • Optional site visit for observation, support and assessment.
  • One, six-hour interactive online training session for new hires.
  • End-of-year outcomes and outputs report based on data sent to CHS, within 45 days of receipt of final data and records.
  • Marketing support for program promotion.
  • 5-year curriculum license.

Renewal Year Option for Years 2-5

  • Renewed organizational Certified Partner Certificate and Educator Certificate.
  • Quarterly online workshops tailored to the current needs of Certified Partners.
  • Four site-tailored coaching calls for up to 12 staff.
  • Mid-year assessment and year-end review.
  • Program output and outcome data tools and tools.
  • If new-hire sessions are needed, annual training for up to 10 trainees is provided for an additional fee. The training for new staff will be developed and priced in collaboration with the partner and CHS.
  • End-of-year outcomes and inputs report based on data sent to CHS.
  • Electronic updates provided for any revisions or additions made to the Wise Guys manual.
  • Updated marketing support for program promotion.

Who Should Participate in Training:

Educators directly implementing the program and direct supervisors.

Online forum and annual summit information coming soon