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We believe all children deserve a chance at love, stability and lasting relationships. By helping older children experience the joy of family, we can give them the opportunity to grow, learn, dream and imagine a brighter future ahead.

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What is Child-Focused Recruitment?

Child-Focused Recruitment is a model that connects children in foster care to extended family (sharing genetic, legal, or social relationships) or an adoptive family uniquely suited for the youth. The Wendy’s Wonderful Kids® model focuses on identifying a forever family for the longest waiting children in foster care. Its strategic approach to building relationships between children and past connections leads to significantly more matches.

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“Adoption is important because we need someone to help us grow up to be somebody.”

– A Youth in the Child-Focused Recruitment Program

Who do we serve?

Our uniquely designed program serves all 100 counties across North Carolina. We assist county agencies across the state in meeting the needs of youth aged 9 – 20, as well as those under the age of 9 if they are part of a sibling group or have medical/behavioral challenges.

How do we deliver?

First, we review a child’s case file, extensively search for relatives, and explore past connections. As we build relationships with community partners, extended family and potential placements, we also work with the child to identify their wants, needs, and hopes for the future. We then establish a plan to recruit the family that best meets the child’s needs and prepare the child for future family relationships. This winning approach leads to more adoptions, especially adoptions of older children. 

Once a child is adopted, our innovative Family Education and Support Program goes into effect. We pair Certified Parent Educators with caregivers to develop a plan to help them adapt to their adopted child’s needs. This individualized training may include topics like understanding the effects of trauma, trauma-informed parenting, and assisting youth with grief and loss. This additional training and education help families integrate successfully. 


“The world of foster parenting and adoption comes with a lot of unknowns but having the support of CHS means we’ve never been left to navigate alone. Every step of the way our CHS worker was only a phone call away, offering advice and talking us through challenging situations. Because of CHS we’ve gone from a family of 2 to a family of 4. We are so blessed and will be forever grateful for the impact CHS has had on our lives!”

-The Davis Family

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