Foster Care Support

Foster parents are there to care for children when they need it most. But who takes care of the caregivers? At CHS, we’re here for you throughout your foster care experience. Our expert staff can help guide you with the necessary tools and resources, so you feel confident in the difference you’re making.

The CHS Difference


Offices in nine cities serving all 100 counties in NC


From foster families on CHS’s level of support


Offer TIPS-MAPP training every month at convenient times


Foster families trained in a trauma-informed model of care


Staff availability for emergency support


Monthly support groups, ongoing training, and family events

Why Children’s Home Society?

As the largest private foster care and adoption agency in North Carolina, there are many factors that set CHS apart—from our 120-year history to our statewide reach of services. But our biggest differentiator is our people. Our highly skilled, trauma-informed staff with low turnover rates are dedicated to the well-being of the youth and families we serve.

First and foremost, our foster care team at CHS is committed to the children in care and recognize the importance of maintaining a supportive network for them and their families. In addition to prioritizing safe and healthy family reunifications, our highly skilled specialists take the time to pair children and foster families that best match each other’s needs and desires. We also aim to keep children in their communities of origin whenever possible.

As a foster parent, you play an immensely important role in supporting these children. We deeply appreciate your commitment to opening your home and heart during some of the most difficult moments in their lives. We assign a specialist to each foster family at every stage in their journey to demonstrate our deep commitment to your needs in caring for these children. These specialists offer wholehearted 24/7 support, and our foster families feel the difference. That’s why we received a 98% satisfaction rating from our foster families in a recent survey.

Supporting our Foster Families

From the moment you inquire about foster parenting, we assign a specialist to guide you through the basics and answer any questions you might have, so you can make the best decision about fostering for your family. Once you apply to become a foster parent through CHS, our specialists will help you enroll in our comprehensive training program and guide you through every step to receiving your license.

As a licensed foster parent, we work with you on child placements, along with everything that comes next in parenting a child in care. Our specialists are always on-call to support you through anything you may experience. We offer monthly support groups and other family fun events to help you and your child feel connected to the foster family community. We also maintain a regular, robust training calendar so you can continue to feel equipped to meet your child’s needs.

Our placement specialist has been there for our family…She has been responsive when we have questions about any aspect of fostering, has provided us resources for additional training and other supports to ensure that we are best helping our foster children…” – Megan Beaver, CHS foster parent


A COA-accredited agency for CHS’s full continuum of child and family services


All foster families are trained in the ARC Framework, a trauma-informed model of care


A certified provider of Together Facing the Challenge, credentialed through Duke University


Credentialed to provide the only NC-approved curriculum specifically for relative caregivers


Accredited trainers in Training for Adoption Competency

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