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Prenatal support for all Guilford County residents.

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80% of brain growth happens by the time children reach age 3 and sets the foundation for all future learning.

Getting connected to resources, information, and support services that can help you and your child thrive.

“How Can We Serve Our Patients Better as Practitioners? By providing them with the tools and resources to address their individual needs. Community Navigators are like an extension of the practice visit and help us to serve our patients better.”

– Central Carolina OBGYN Nurse Midwife, Vicki Latham

Parents & Families

Our Community Navigators connect parents with individualized information, local classes and groups, and support services to help address the social needs of parents and families. We’re here for you every step of the journey.

  • Prenatal nutrition and breast/chestfeeding information
  • Parenting education and support
  • Childcare resources, baby supplies, food assistance, etc.
  • Supports to help with the “baby blues”
  • Services to help with an infant’s healthy development

Navigation is a FREE and universal service provided to all prenatal Guilford County residents through your OB/GYN.

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What Is Community Navigation?

Navigation is a free and universal service provided to all prenatal and postnatal families living in Guilford County. A fully trained and experienced Navigator is paired with a medical office to support and address the social needs of every pregnant or postnatal patient and their children. Patients complete the brief screening and consent quickly and easily on a tablet provided to your office at no cost. Services are integrated seamlessly into your individual practice flow to save medical staff time and assist with social and resource concerns or questions from patients. Navigators take the time to meet every patient’s individual nonmedical needs and connect them to local resources, saving practitioners time and supporting the patient’s holistic health.

How Can You Join?

  • With funding from The Duke Endowment and Blue Meridian Partners, this initiative is available to your practice at NO COST to you or your patients!
  • Ready for School, Ready for Life (Ready, Ready)- received this grant to provide Community Navigation across Guilford County.
  • Ready Ready and The Children’s Home Society of NC have partnered to implement Navigation and provide staffing, hiring, implementation, etc.
  • Fully trained Community Navigators are assigned to your practice after a quick and efficient onboarding is completed.

To bring our services to your practice, contact Brittany Felts to find out how you can provide your patients with community navigation support today!

Brittany Felts, Community Navigation Coordinator


Phone: 336-971-6105

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“It was nice to know that I had that extra layer of support that could provide me with different resources and answer all the questions I had.”

-OBGYN patient and family

Community Impact

  • 92% Consent rate & successful referral rate after consent.
  • Community Navigation was designed with families and local, state, and national experts using evidence-based approaches.
  • Full time Community Alignment team provides Navigators with the most current and up to date resources, wait lists, and additional information to ensure quality referrals.
  • A wide range of supportive information is provided as well as referrals including home visiting programs, postpartum support, breastfeeding, childbirth classes, WIC, housing, pediatricians, and childcare resources.
  • Navigation saves practitioners time in the long term by supporting and addressing patients’ nonmedical, social and resource needs.

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“We are so grateful to have someone to actually call and check in and treat us like a person and not just a number. We are so thankful for the time you take to explain the resources and benefits that are available to us, it makes the world of difference!”

 -OBGYN patient and family

Postnatal Navigation

Our goal is to have a Community Navigator meet with all Guilford County families at their well-child visits at ages 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months to ensure every family is set up for success and achieving healthy developmental milestones.

To participate in Community Navigation, each family must complete a brief consent and screener on a provided tablet at their appointment. The Community Navigator reviews the responses with the family and covers social determinants of health questions together at your appointment or over the phone at patient convenience. This process allows Navigators to create a targeted and individualized referral and support plan for each family to improve their long-term success.

As necessary, connections will be made to our community partner programs to ensure all patient needs are being met. Navigators follow up with the family 3 to 5 weeks later to check in and see how things are going, if additional resource referrals are needed and if previous program referrals were successful.

For more information, Contact Brittany Felts to find out how you can provide your patients with community navigation support today!

Brittany Felts, Community Navigation Coordinator


Phone: 336-971-6105

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