Community Leadership Council

Our Community Leadership Councils in Charlotte, Forsyth, Guilford, and Raleigh work across the state to advance our organization.


The purpose of the Community Leadership Council is to advance the mission, vision and programs of Children’s Home Society by building connections within the community.


The mission of Children’s Home Society is to promote the right of every child to a permanent, safe and loving family.


The Community Leadership Council provides an opportunity for local volunteer leadership to advance the work of the organization in these ways:

  1. Represent the organization in the community as an ambassador, seeking opportunities to build relationships that help advance the organization’s mission.
  2. Engage in fundraising opportunities that support the work of the organization.
  3. Provide advice about local needs and opportunities to ensure the work of the organization is well informed, relevant, and ultimately valuable to the community.
  4. Demonstrate support through a financial gift at a level that is significant to you.

The Community Leadership Council is not a governing board and is not responsible for policy and governance oversight.

We have four Community Leadership Councils supporting the state of North Carolina. Charlotte, Forsyth, Guilford, and Raleigh.

Contact one of our regional philanthropy leaders today for more information.


Tony Bucci
Cay Freihofer
Lindsay Griffin
Rachel Hannon
Lindsay Haynie
Jessica Heroy, Secretary
Alex Heroy
Joni Hildreth
Peyton Hostetler
Lauren Imrich, Co-Chair
Amanda Jarman
Rich Jarman
Robert G. Lesley
Jeffrey O’Neale
Steven Richards
Claire Samuels
Blair Scheuer
Mary Sheppard, Past Chair
Elizabeth Shuford, Co-Chair
Reaves Thompson
Sandy Thompson
Valerie Williams

Heather L. Moeller, Regional Director of Philanthropy, 704-491-7554



Sheila Carter
Shannon Clark, Vice-Chair
Mary Crawford
Sarah Dalonzo-Baker
Margaret Davis
Elise Dyer
Catherine Glover Frazier, Chair
Leah Friedman
Noah Huffstetler IV
Devon H. Karst
Molly Mahoney
Kim Maney
Kristy Moore
Mary Patterson
Sarah Shaber
Daniel Womack

Mary Blake, Regional Director of Philanthropy, 919-277-1363


Andrew Bowman
Josie Cambareri
Jessica Culver
Courtenay Fields
Melissa Greer
Pamela Haber, Chair
Afrique Kilimanjaro
Rabbi Andy Koren
Gail LeBauer
Simone Langley
Emily Linden
Karen McKeithen Schaede JD,BSN
Dulce Ortiz
Rob Overman
Alicia Noone
Sara Pilling-Kellogg
Lisa Rancer
Jennifer Reavis
Sherri Simon
Justin Spradley
Kathy Walker
Anna Wall

Caitlin Stay, Regional Director of Philanthropy, 336-369-3781



Audrey Biesk
Kathleen Cannon, Chair
Mac Crisco
Emily Fletcher
Brian McMillan
Jaye Powell
Etienne Thomas
Tammara P. Thomas

Caitlin Stay, Regional Director of Philanthropy, 336-369-3781

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