Gender: Female
Age: 11
Race: Black or African American

“Hello, my name is Amina. The thing I like most about myself is that I am brave. My best friend says I am kind. My goal in life is to  become a gymnastics teacher. I am most proud of being flexible in gymnastics! My favorite thing about school is recess. My heroes are my foster mom and dad. If I could visit any place on earth it would be Disney World. If I could have a pet, it would be a panda because the are so fuzzy and cute. The most fun I have is playing board games with my foster parents and bio siblings. If you look at my room you would think I love pink, but I really don’t, I like blue! My favorite holiday is Christmas because I get presents!!”

Amina is a natural-born leader and shows great talent in athletic opportunities like gymnastics and karate. She has a strong bond with her two siblings, Siah and Kimora. Amina needs a loving home that can provide attention, affection and support for her continued contact with her siblings. She does well with other children and would do great in a home with children who are a little older.

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