Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: Multiracial

Arianna is independent, focused and can be very witty. She enjoys playing video games, going to the pool, and crafts.

Arianna knows what she wants and focuses on that goal. She is witty and has the best smile that she loves to flash in conversations!

Arianna loves fashion and trying out different outfits. She attended her school prom and from this smile in the picture, you can see how happy this normal activity made her.

Arianna is allowed to maintain contact with her mom and her aunt and keeping those connections is a must.

Arianna wants to be a typical teenager and is interested in meeting new people She very much wants a family of her own and to live outside of foster care.  She wants a family to have an opportunity to live a typical teenage life.  She is willing to give it her all if you give her a chance.



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