Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: Multiracial

Cora is a very outgoing young lady who is fun to be around and gets along well with others. She is artistic and enjoys painting, drawing, theater and singing. She also loves shopping, hair & makeup. Cora has a kind heart and is always there to lend encouraging words to others.  Her friends describe her as a trustworthy friend who laughs a lot and will find the person sitting alone and will make friends with them. Some of Cora’s hobbies include anime, listening to Japanese music and anything that has to do with animals. Her favorite subjects at school are math, social studies and art. She also enjoys spending time on her computer.

Cora has expressed that she is simply looking for a family who will be good to her. She will need a family who is patient and loving and has a good understanding of trauma. The right family for Cora will be able to set boundaries while helping her grow and explore the world around her in a healthy manner. Cora has an immense love for animals and would enjoy a home with pets or a family who is open to letting her have a pet.

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