Gender: Male
Age: 14
Race: Black or African American

Jayden is a friendly and smart young gentleman. He is quiet at times but once you get to know him, you’ll witness his sense of humor and loveable personality. Some of the things he enjoys are hanging with his friends, playing video games, and sports.   Jayden’s future goals are to attend college and become a professional athlete or do something sports related.  Jayden is understanding his identity in this world while learning to advocate for himself.  He is confident about his future and is looking forward to extending his family through adoption.  Despite this unexpected journey thus far through foster care, Jayden is hopeful that this is only a chapter in his book and there is much more to be discovered.

Jayden’s ideal family is one that will provide guidance, be supportive, dependable, protective, and intentional.  A family that invests in his development and desires to advocate on his behalf.  This family will seek to learn about who Jayden is despite the differences or similarities they share.  This family will nurture a loving environment while being attentive to his needs. They will also be supportive of Jayden staying connected with his siblings.

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