Gender: Female
Age: 16
Race: White or Caucasian

Hi! I’m Nevaeh. I’m a bubbly and  easy going kind of person. I enjoy sarcasm and have an upbeat personality. I’m a social butterfly and am not afraid of saying what’s on my mind. I speak English, fluent Italian and Spanish and am learning Russian, Polish, Arabic, German and Japanese on my own. I love learning new languages.

I like butterflies. They symbolize new beginnings, are good luck, and are just beautiful. I also love crystals, learning about chakras, and how to read tea leaves. Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Wednesday are my favorite TV shows. Fast and Furious is my favorite movie. Family is really important to the characters.

I never really had a family or people to stick up for me and that movie just caught my attention. My favorite football team is the Kansas City Chiefs. Favorite colors are purple and black. My comfort place is being near water like the ocean or a lake. The sounds of water and nature are comforting. It has all the five senses in one spot and its very pretty and makes me feel like me.

My favorite type of food is Mexican. I gotta have it and if I don’t have it in my life then we will have problems. Lol. I hate seafood. I love the ocean but dislike what comes out of it. No. No. And No.

Things that give me anxiety are people stressing me out and the thought of people leaving me. I have a hard time trusting people. I always need to know what’s going on and if I think that information is being kept from me then I’m stressed out. I need to know what is going to happen.

To me, family means that you never give up on me. That I’ll always be accepted for who I am. Yes, we may have rough times and argue. But I still want to be loved and cared for, no matter what. I still want you to know that I love and care for you even when we disagree.

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