Gender: Male
Age: 14
Race: Black or African American

Ramello describes himself as smart, friendly, and kind. He enjoys good music, playing video games and going out to places. Ramello loves Mac and Cheese.   He is outgoing and friendly and has a contagious smile. He is wise beyond his years.

Ramello wants very much to succeed in school. His favorite subject is Science. He enjoys doing experiments. He keeps his room as clean and neat as a young army recruit. He is helpful around the house and his best-loved task is “feeding the dog”.

Ramello enjoys going to church and visiting with his grandmother. Ramello has siblings whom he loves and is very attached to them. Maintaining that connection is a must.  Ramello has supportive relatives that are important to him, and he is important to them so connections will need to be continued.

More than anything, Ramello wants a “regular life”.  He is happy with the mundane, hanging around with the people he likes and listening to the radio on long car rides. His taste in music is also well beyond his years.

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