Gender: Male
Age: 14
Race: White or Caucasian

Ryker describes himself as friendly, nice, and funny. He enjoys playing video games and watching television.  His favorite video game is Spider Man.  He also enjoys coloring and anything to do with arts and crafts. He enjoys playing basketball. That is his favorite sport.

Ryker is a very smart child.  His favorite subjects are art, computers, and science. Ryker’s favorite foods are pizza, corn dogs, and mac and cheese.  His favorite dessert is chocolate cake.  His favorite places to eat are Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Taco Bell.

Ryker enjoys quiet churches. Ryker believes in God. Ryker is a generally happy child and is very helpful around the house and completes his chores such as making his bed, cleaning his room and sweeping.  When asking Ryker to do things, he has a very good attitude about doing them. Ryker would thrive best being the only child in the home. Ryker also wishes to have a dog.

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