Gender: Female
Age: 14
Race: White or Caucasian

Summer desires a family to love and one who will love her and provide her with the opportunities “normal” teenagers have, such as a cell phone, and be able to hang out with friends.  She would love to have a pet and also her own room.   She prefers a young, outgoing mom or two moms who reside in North Carolina, preferable in an urban area.   She would like to be able to participate in activities such as volleyball.   She would be the only child in her ideal family, but Summer is not opposed to siblings.    She wants to have a job when she is old enough so she can have her own money.

Summer loves to do hair, make up and nails and would love to be a cosmetologist when she is older. She also loves jewelry, especially hoop earrings and enjoys being fashionable.

Summer needs a family who will provide love and encouragement, along with clear and concise boundaries. Her family will be patient and commit to ongoing and consistent therapy to help her properly address past trauma. She would love to have continued contact with her biological brother.

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