Gender: Male
Age: 19
Race: Black or African American

Terry loves Sonic. It is his favorite video game character, and favorite character in general. He enjoys singing for the most part and occasionally participates in his church’s choir. He is soft-spoken and has a lot to share when given the chance to speak. He enjoys Christian music and is currently loving the My Little Ponies Soundtrack. He also likes playing games, despite not fully understanding how the games work. But, if you are patient with him, and teach him, he will learn. He wants to go to the University of North Carolina and wants to get a job, but he is not sure where yet. He likes to be behind the scenes and enjoys working with animals.  Terry has been working at a Cat Hotel with his current foster parent and he has been enjoying it.

He does like Michael Jackson, hence the gloves in his photos! He has been learning how to connect with people and has been practicing his interviewing skills. He has been excited to go out and do things, anything really! He has been growing in his independent living skills. He has some learning/cognitive delays and will likely need long-term supervision, as well as assistance in developing his independent skills. Terry would like to find a family that will love him and accept him for who he is. He is still in contact with his birth family and has a goal of guardianship. It is important for him to stay in contact with his brother and his parents

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