Feeling Safe & Sound

We love sharing family stories from our families. A while back we sat down with the Shrewsbury family to learn more about their story.

Melinda, an adoptive parent, works in the local school system and knew of children who have been in foster care. She also knew there was a huge need for children who deserved a great, safe and loving home. With this information, she started her journey to become a foster and adoptive parent. One day after becoming licensed through Children’s Home Society, she received a call wanting to know if she would like to meet an energetic young lady who was looking for that safe and loving home.

Wyland, an 11-year old at the time, was not so sure how the meeting would be though. It’s always hard for a child to know what to expect from family to family, and home to home. But after meeting Melinda, she felt like she could relax and be comfortable. It was a huge relief. She felt ready to move in.

­With the encouragement and support from her mom, Wyland has been able to develop her athletic abilities, and her confidence grown in so many ways. She played on the varsity volleyball team all four years and majored in Health Science and Biotechnology.



If you want to know about becoming a foster or adoptive parent, click here.

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