Wise Guys® – A Children’s Home Society of NC Program

Wise Guys Helps Young Men Redefine What Healthy Relationships Look Like

Wise Guys® is a proven male-oriented teen pregnancy prevention program. Initiated in 1990, its interactive, fun, and informative approach has proven effective in helping male adolescents make wiser and more responsible decisions. Today, Wise Guys is offered in English and Spanish to a variety of audiences.

Becoming a Wise Guys partner will help young men realize that real strength comes from being respectful and responsible in their relationships.

Interest in the Wise Guys program has also spread throughout the country. Communities from coast to coast have implemented the program with diverse groups of males in a variety of settings – schools, community and health centers, sports leagues, faith groups and more. Trainings are available for educators and other professionals who would like to start the Wise Guys program in their own communities.

Take your skills to the next level to help young men become better men through character education, positive youth development, healthful living, and reducing risk-taking behaviors.


Program Impact

Analysis of data, collected since 1991, indicates the following positive outcomes of the Wise Guys program from program entry to six-month follow up:

Wise Guys students showed:

  • Improved knowledge of sexuality and the consequences of sexual activity
  • Healthier sex role attitudes
  • Increased communication with parents and teachers about sexuality


  • Participants in the Wise Guys program showed a significant delay in sexual activity as compared to non-program students.
  • The percentage of sexually active Wise Guys students who reported always using contraception also increased significantly.

Learn more about how Wise Guys has changed the lives of others with the below research articles:

Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing

Journal of School Health

Children’s Home Society of North Carolina offers dependable, professional programs and services that are backed by research, have demonstrated positive outcomes and are supported by qualified, professional individuals committed to the well-being of children.


We now offer multiple ways to receive the benefits of Wise Guys.

1. Wise Guys

We are continuing to offer on-site facilitation of the Wise Guys program, leveraging the expertise of CHSNC Professional Trainers (Grant-funded in specific locations).

Contact Spencer LongWise Guys Program Supervisor, at 336-553-9709 for more information or at SLong@chsnc.org.

2. Wise Guys Certified Partner Program

CHSNC Professional Trainers will train your team members to facilitate Wise Guys.

Chose the Certified Partner Program level that meets the needs of your organization and community. CHS Wise Guys Professional Facilitators will partner with you to ensure success.


Silver Level Certified Partner:

Gold Level Certified Partner:

Platinum Level Certified Partner:

Offsite Training.

Find Out More

Training held at a specified locations.

Become a Wise Guys Certified Silver Level Partner and help young men realize that real strength comes from being respectful and responsible in their relationship.

If your organization would like 1-19 professionals trained to teach Wise Guys this may be the right option for you.

We’ll come to you.

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Training held at your location.

Become a Wise Guys Certified Gold or Platinum Level Partner and Wise Guys professional trainers will work with you to develop training to meet the needs of your organization and community.

Inquire today to see which option is best for you.