Wise Guys


Wise Guys® is an evidence-based male-oriented teen pregnancy prevention program. Initiated in 1990, its interactive, fun, and informative approach has proven effective in helping male adolescents make wiser and more responsible decisions. Today, Wise Guys is offered in English and Spanish to a variety of audiences.

Interest in the Wise Guys program has also spread throughout the country. Communities from coast to coast have implemented the program with diverse groups of males in a variety of settings – schools, community and health centers, sports leagues, faith groups and more. Trainings are available for educators and other professionals who would like to start the Wise Guys program in their own communities.



  • 5400 +

    number of boys who participated

  • 73%

    % of youth who improved sex role attitudes or maintained at a high level

  • 12

    number of counties in North Carolina served in 2014