A Place To Call Home

This year’s annual A Place to Call Home events in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro will provide an intimate setting for change-making storytellers from across the state to share their lived experiences that have forever enriched their lives.

So… what can you expect? Here is a short recap from 2023.


Greensboro Luncheon on April 11, Charlotte Evening on April 18, and Raleigh Luncheon on April 25

This Year’s Speakers


Titianna Goings


Titi works for CHS in our SYNC program, educating youth who are in foster care and professionals on making smart, healthy decisions. Titi is a SaySo alumna, who aged out of foster care and became the parent of her baby brother through kinship adoption soon after. Titi has also welcomed a beautiful son in the past few years. She has thought a lot about how she can be and is a good parent even when she didn’t have a role model to follow. Her personal and professional experience is deep and speaks to the support of young people in foster care. Titi will be speaking at all three of the events.


Kayla Moffitt


Kayla and her husband, Jerad, recently moved to Charlotte from their small town in Arkansas. As a transracial adoptive family, their move was greatly driven by a wish to find a diverse community in which they will raise their children. The Moffitts adopted their five children, all siblings ages 6 to 17, out of foster care where they had been separated the majority of their time. It means everything to the Moffitts for their children to grow up together. Kayla will be speaking at our Charlotte event.


Anita Wells


Anita was adopted through CHS as an infant, and in fact, she was named in honor of her social worker, Anita Wood. Anita and her brother, who was adopted as a toddler also through CHS, were blessed with a very loving family.When she was 34, her biological mother contacted her. Anita’s feelings ran the gamut from annoyance to empathy, which allowed the slow growth of their relationship. Anita is so grateful for the family that she has always known and for the relationship she has been able to grow into with her biological mother, sister, and others in their family. Anita will be speaking at our Raleigh event.


Xavier Kelley


Xavier entered foster care when he was seven years old and had been placed in two different homes over a year and a half, when he learned that a family from a local church was interested in adopting him. In 2009, his adoption was completed through CHS and he can see how his family’s love, faith, and steadfast commitment to his progress as a broken child made a tremendous difference in his life. Xavier became a minister, a choir director and a middle school teacher, allowing him to also be a resource and mentor for other children who may have challenging family lives and situations. Xavier will be speaking at our Greensboro event.

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