CHS Support Spotlight: Belk

The Children’s Home Society of North Carolina is excited about growing our existing partnership with Belk. As a longtime CHS supporter, Belk has a long history of contributing to philanthropic causes throughout Charlotte and statewide. Courtney Enright, Belk Chief of Staff, shared with Patricia James, CHS Corporate Philanthropy Specialist how the relationship started, has evolved, and plans for the future.

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What’s your connection to CHS’s cause?

My connection to the cause is both personal and professional. Personally, I’m a member of the Community Leadership Council. I enjoy being a part of its many events and outreach programs during the year. Professionally, I’m connected to the organization through Belk and its donations to programs supporting CHS including: A Place to Call Home, donations supporting families’ needs, and the Hope for the Holidays wish list program.

Why did you decide to give your first gift to support CHS?

My first gift to CHS was in 2020. After reading about CHS and its mission, I knew it was the right place to start. 2020 was a year that took a lot from so many, and I felt it was important that our gift to the team that year reflected giving back and supporting others. I sponsored several children’s wish lists as a holiday gift to some team members. And, after learning from a friend all the great things CHS does, I knew I made the right choice.

How did you first hear about CHS?

Lindsay Bollman, another CLC member, introduced me to to the organization a few years back when I was looking to donate to a local cause centered around kids. She pointed me towards the holiday wish list project, which I absolutely fell in love with, and since then, I’ve found various other ways to support CHS.

“I have such a passion for children. Being able to contribute to an organization that supports so many families, and puts the well-being of children first, was a
no-brainer for me.”

What is your favorite CHS program to support?

My favorite CHS program is the holiday wish list program. It’s such a rewarding feeling to help provide children with things they need and bring them so much joy. The holidays are such a special time. Supporting CHS’s program is a great way to help every child affiliated with CHS have a wonderful holiday experience. The holidays can be stressful and a burden for many families. This program lets us help by taking some of that weight off their shoulders.

What do you wish everyone knew about CHS’s cause?

I wish everyone knew that there’s so much more to CHS than meets the eye. They have programs that aim to help families with education, empowerment, and additional resources supporting foster families and facilitating adoptions.

Thank you Belk for your commitment to children and families! To learn more about how you can support CHS, visit

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