“Why Do You Enjoy Fostering?” Talking with Our CHS Foster Parents


As a prospective foster parent, you may be feeling nervous about welcoming a child into your home for the first time. Dozens of anxious thoughts may be bouncing about your head. Will it be too overwhelming? Will they like me? What if I don’t know what to do next?

Prospective foster parents tell us they find it helpful to hear what our foster families have to say about their firsthand experiences. Their words can provide insight into what fostering looks like day-to-day and offer comfort to those who are unsure of what to expect.



Recently, we asked our foster parents what they enjoy about fostering and what motivates them to keep at it. Here’s what a few of them shared.

“I enjoy foster parenting and making a difference in a child’s life. Showing them love unconditionally. Showing them the value of a loving family. Giving them a safe environment, and watching them leave better than when they came.”

“I love seeing my kids overcome challenges.”

“I am a foster grandma; it’s the best way to foster!” foster-parent

“I get to plant a seed and watch it blossom.”

“We found a new member of our family, whom we love dearly!”

“I love seeing the change in his behavior.

“Fostering proves that a heart truly does have a never-ending capacity to love.”

“I enjoy fostering because I enjoy having a positive impact, for however long the children are with us.”

foster-parentNo matter how a person’s journey leads them to foster parenting, there is a common thread among each family’s story.

Within each CHS foster parent is the desire to make a positive difference in a child’s life. Read more foster family stories and stay connected with CHS by following us on social media.


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