Educational Programs & Training

One of the best ways to protect children is to transform communities to better support parents in need.  The Family Life Education Services division of CHS provides a wide array of community education programs focusing on helping parents understand the impact of their choices on their child’s life and helping adolescents and young adults make healthy decisions for their future.

The Family Life Education Services division of CHS exists to strengthen families by providing key information, building community supports, and helping parents learn nurturing relationship skills.  Our programs work to keep families healthy and prevent normal family stresses from developing into damaging family crises that require expensive interventions.

CHS parenting education programs are diverse and help families deal with an array of issues including:

  • Teen Parenting
  • Parenting Children Living Under Two Roofs
  • Parenting Young Children
  • Parenting Adolescents
  • Talking to Children About Sexuality and Healthy Decision-making
  • Support for Fathers
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Professional Training

The Family Life Education Services division also provides professional training to individuals working with families, teens, or young children across multiple disciplines. Training is designed to support professionals further develop their awareness and skills to improve their impact.

Training topics include:

  • Implementation of the Wise Guys Curriculum
  • Strategies for working with adolescents, particularly boys
  • Substance abuse – awareness and prevention
  • Permanency for older youth
  • Family Finding
  • Maintaining the Capacity to Care