Teachers Wear Jeans, Raise $4,000

CHS Adoptee Mary Catherine Ferree Hedrick reached out to us at the beginning of November to tell us about plans for the monthly $10 jeans day fundraiser she was hosting at her local elementary school, Abbotts Creek Elementary in Raleigh. We were excited to hear that she had found a creative way to engage her community in support of CHS. We think Mary Catherine and her mother Anne tell their story better than we can:

Some of the more than 40 teachers at Abbotts Creek Elementary School who participated in the jeans day fundraiser for CHS in November.

Anne Ferree, Mary Catherine’s mother:

“Growing up next door to a CHS foster family in Greensboro gave me the opportunity to know about CHS and to experience their desire for the loving care of all children. I enjoyed playing and helping with the babies next door as they waited to go to their forever homes. So a part of my teenage dreams for life included being a parent to several children including at least two CHS babies. My mother’s work in the pediatric office that cared for CHS children also afforded me the chance to know about CHS in a different way. I learned about their careful process of matching children and parents as they worked to create opportunities for families to be born or grow in number. Not all of my teenage dreams came true, but on April 1, 1987, our family was born! We named her Mary Catherine and will always be grateful for the joy and love she has added to our lives.”

Mary Catherine with her parents, Teacher Wear Jeans raise money.

Mary Catherine with her parents, Anne and John Ferree, who came to surprise her at school with the money raised by friends and family.

Mary Catherine Ferree Hedrick:

“Growing up an adopted child through CHS gave me so many opportunities I would have never had otherwise, and most importantly a loving forever home. As an adult, I became an educator. Our school staff donates to a different charity each month, and in return those who donate get to wear jeans on Wednesdays. This is a wonderful way to give back to our community and bring awareness to a variety of local organizations. What started as a school jeans donation to CHS, turned into a mini-fundraiser. When I mentioned it to my parents, they shared it with some friends who offered to donate as well. By the end of the month, we had school staff and personal family and friends donate over $4,000 to support children finding their forever homes. As a product of adoption, it is touching to me so many people care about a worthy cause to bring families together.

We enjoyed watching this modest $10 jeans day effort turn into a much greater fundraising campaign because of the love of friends and family. This holiday season, it really exemplifies what CHS is all about.

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